Version 4.0.5 for Mac, iPhone and Apple TV

Remote Computer Monitoring

xScanPro allows you to monitor the behavior of your servers or computers from any location.

xScanPro is featuring a modern user interface where you can drag and drop the widgets of your choice on a main window. For each widget, you can setup amazing display options. Thus, you can configure the display differently for each computer according to the specific needs of each machine. xScanPro alerts you in real time about major problems with the hardware or with the hard drives connected to your Mac. It also give you information about some general issues of the operating system or with some processes.


Image It's so Easy that almost anybody can do it.
Contact Us to get access to a demo server from xScan Client application
  1. 1

    Install the Server application

    Requires a computer with a fixed IP address. You can purchase the server from our store or the Mac App Store.

  2. 2

    Install xScanProDeamon

    Install this FREE background process on all Macs that you want to monitor and connect to the server (download link). You setup everything from a Preference Pane integrated in macOS.

  3. 3

    Monitor your computers

    Download the FREE client applications and connect to the server. Available for Mac, iPhone and Apple TV on the App Store.

Client Applications

Mac Client Version (Free)

Mac App Store

Compatible with macOS Mojave

iPhone Client Version (Free)

App Store

Compatible with iOS 12

Apple TV Client Version (Free)

App Store

Compatible with tvOS 12

Server Application

You can purchase the mandatory server application only from the Mac App Store
(requires a computer with a fixed IP address)

Mac App Store


Mac Client Version

Click on a picture to see a larger version

iPhone Client, Apple TV Client Versions

Click on a picture to see a larger version

  • “ xScan is the absolute best diagnostic software for Mac. The user interface is truly a work of the art that makes the experience of diagnosis a pleasure. xScan is efficient, easy to use yet innovative. Definitely gets a spot in my dock ”
  • “ xScan is a product I stumbled upon in the Download section of Apple.com. This rocks rolls and is the Swiss Army knife that EVERY Mac should come with. I have downloaded a number of products and none of them even come close to xScan. The programmer or programmers of this product should be given a lot more than stars! ”
  • “ So far very impressed, I have purchased it.... it's great to have a utility that gives you important information at the touch of a finger. ”
  • “ Overall it s a really good performance and processes monitor for my new Macbook Pro ”
  • “ Works perfectly and smoothly, this is a nice way to keep an eye on everything that happen in your Mac. I recommend it 100%. Looking forward to see more features on the upcoming updates. ”
  • “ This is the most complete system monitoring utility I've seen ”
  • “ I just found out that I had a fan problem, didn't even know it before I had this app. So it already worth the money Also great customer support, I wrote the a mail, and short after I had a reply. So just go get it, you wont regret. ”
  • “ Really great app for checking system status. Recommand to people who want to check their Mac's system info easily. Thanks, I really love this app. ”
  • “ Full suite of system information and suggestions. Nice interface and well done. ”
  • “ Great app. Exactly what I was looking for. It read your entire system and gives you the numbers. EXCELLENT! ”
  • “ It appears to be simple but it gives you a read out weather your system is running to hot or normal, it tell's you in what shape your hard drives are , so it is a decent application worth having , for me the simple fact that tells me what applications crash and are able to recover my system to it's normal function before any application collapse , worth the money! ”
  • “ Very nice GUI for showing your system stats ”
  • “ Nice App. This app has helped me with a few things, checking cpu usage, checking disk speeds, info on the computer e.g. Serial number etc. ”
  • “ I have been using for 4 years your xScan in myMac mini mid 2011. I am very happy with it because detected that my Hard Disk was about to crash. ”
  • “ I downloaded this yesterday after reading its skill set and reviews from those who have tried it. I REALLY like it. ”

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