xTeam 4.1

Team management. Resources scheduling

Designed for Mac.

Version 4.1 is free for customers with a license purchased
from our online store after January 1st 2014
and for customers of the Mac App Store.

xTeam is really great! Congratulations! it's a great app to organize my employees in my shop.

Main Features

  Manage resources

With xTeam, it's easy to manage the daily working schedule of your team. You can setup a default working time for your planning but also a specific working time for each resource with many options. You can also import any resource from your Address Book.

  Create assignments

It's easy to assign daily tasks to all your resources. You can use the main button of the toolbar or can just draw tasks directly on the calendar with your mouse. You can assign a specific task to one or several people and manage repetitions in a snap.

  Survey absences

It's important to highlight absences of your workers. In xTeam, we created a special red task for it that you can create directly from the toolbar. In report view, you can track how much time is spent out of the working time.

  Browse the schedule

The xTeam visual schedule view lets you view all your tasks for each resource across in once location. You can browse it per day, week, month or years. You will impress the members of your team by printing a beautiful working schedule!

  Edit days off

You can use the schedule settings to reflect the general working days and hours of your team, as well as regular nonworking times and special days off. For each resource of your team, you can also assign a list of dedicated days off.

  Manage a library

You can setup a library of tasks and resources per document and assign a mission to a resource with a simple drag and drop to the planning view. You can export and import a library or use it at the default library for any new document.

  Display a report

Have a real-time view of working time to ensure your team is busy. The report gives a quick over-view of all your resources. When you click on a resource name, you will have a detailed view of the working schedule of your team member.

  Customize the appearance

People like to display things in the way they prefer. With xTeam, you can customize the appearance of the calendar view with many options. Hide information that is not useful and apply the color matching your organization.

  Sync with Dropbox

With version 4.1, we added Dropbox integration in the File menu. You can sync a planning between multiple users. Each resource can edit or view his own planning but also the working time of other resources. It's a great way to collaborate between members. The sync is automatically handled by Dropbox engine.

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